PROPORTION – Vincenzo Vinci

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Vincenzo is a furniture designer from Italy, he is among the co-founders of Grado, a contemporary furnitures Brand based in Hangzhou, China and Collectivo, a network of designers from several world capitals of design.
He is graduated in Furnitures and Textile Design in Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He had held speech in many university and exhibition with the purpose to promote the culture of design.
He has been for many months in various countries of South America and abroad, where he is developing expertise on the relationship between growth markets and advanced design processes, focusing on tools and practices typically used in Italy.



As collegue at work, we shared experiences and point of views of what is useful, desirable and bring value to every space. After years we found that most of the people couldn’t afford the stuff they like and they didn’t like the stuff they could afford. We began to understand that the good contemporary design can not be for elite, has to be uncomplicated, affordable and tell stories. Grado Design Furniture was established in 2013 and it born for a worldwide contract market which mean that we want bring good design to as many as possible and can be integrated into different surroundings.


Lotus Side Table

Desginer:Vincenzo Vinci

Size:O39 x H45/80 (cm)


Lotus Side Table

Desginer:Vincenzo Vinci

Size: chair:W51 x D57 x H85 (cm)

            arm chair:W59 x D57 x H85 (cm)


Bunny Chair

Desginer:Vincenzo Vinci

Size:W51 x D55 x H85 (cm)


Stilo Chair

Desginer:Vincenzo Vinci

Size: chair:W51.5 x D51.5 x H80 (cm)

arm chair:W55 x D51.5 x H80 (cm)


Flux Table

Desginer:Vincenzo Vinci

Size: W200 x D100 x H74.5 (cm)
W180 x D90 x H74.5 (cm)
W160 x D80 x H74.5 (cm)
W140 x D80 x H74.5 (cm)

Material:橡木實木 (白色/原木色)